Why I Chose Chemo vs. Holistic Treatments

Why I chose chemo vs. holistic treatments? Hmm…

It’s really simple. My doctor told me that it’s the best treatment for they’ve seen for treating this fast acting, aggressive HER-2 Breast Cancer. I did not want to allow this cancer to grow while I tried something else. Call me chicken but… I decided to listen to the doctor on this one.

My doctor knows “my” particulars on what’s best. They look at the stage I’m in, my age, other medicines I am on, other factors about my body from the MRI and other tests they’ve run. Without people knowing everything that is pre-existing, I feel more confident in listening to what my advises.

In the past when I’ve had colds, flues, and other ailments, people always gave advice on what natural treatments to try but, in all honesty, none of that stuff worked. It was usually time that mattered most. Chicken soup always tasted good but, I was still stuck with all the symptoms of my cold.

In this case, dealing with a disease that can kill me, I just didn’t want to chance that. I had never heard of the HER-2 type breast cancer. I didn’t expect to have cancer EVER in my life… Never had it before so, again, I decided to listen to what the doctors said and I’m glad I did because it working again that yucky cancer.

And I’m not saying that holistic treatments don’t work. I totally understand and believe that it works for people too. I admire people that go that route and cure it. That’s awesome! I wish everyone well on what ever is used.


The side effects of chemo ain’t nothin nice though. I watched a video on what chemo does to the body and it’s rough. If you click [HERE] you can watch it too. If you do go to that video, read some of the comments. Some people are just down right mean.

As I share in this video, it’s humbling to create videos and share yourself with the world but, I believe since we have this platform, we should use it for good. I share myself with those of you that want to follow me on this journey because I believe I have more good to share than not. As long as I believe I have info that can help others in some way, I will continue to do videos and even speak in public.

I’ve got my next chemo treatment coming up on Tuesday, June 6, 2017. Uggg… I should be done with all the chemo, radiation, and surgery by the end of the year. I’m looking forward to 2018! Lol!

I forgot to mention in the video the answer to my trivia question about navy boot camp for women was “ORLANDO, FL”! Thank you Stacey for being the first to answer and answer correctly! 🙂

Well, I’m gonna end here. You all have a safe and blessed day, when ever it is that you read this. As always, I’m glad to have you in my life on this journey. It’s like you guys are holding my hand and giving me hugs. We all need that more than we realize.

Thank you!

I’ve shared my “Song of the Day” at the end of the video… “Down” by Marian Hill. I think it’s a really cool song and interesting video.

Oh yeah… I have a new T-Shirt! Being that I am a Cancer the Crab… It has always bothered me that we cancers have to share that name with such an awful disease! So, I created this shirt. What do YOU think of the design? If you like it, grab one! I’d appreciate it.

I know that THIS “Cancer the Crab Is Kicking Cancer’s A**!” Woot Woot! 🙂


OK… That’s all for now. Talk to you again soon! ♥

Thanks again to all of my financial supporters!

4 thoughts on “Why I Chose Chemo vs. Holistic Treatments

    1. Hey BJ! You’re welcome and thank you for everything! I’m forever grateful to call you my friend. Love you mucho!

  1. You’re so right, it’s the choice of the individual as to which treatment they are more confident in. There’s no wrong answer. LOVE the the new song too, great creativity there for sure. Thanks for being so brave with sharing your experience good and bad.

    Peace my friend!

    1. Sister Charlene! I’m so far behind on everything. Thank you for your comment AND giving me some feedback on the song 🙂 I love sharing 🙂 I tell ya what though… If I EVER have to face this monster called ‘cancer’ again, I won’t choose chemo as an option. I pray I never have to deal with it again but, hopefully if there just has to be a next time, they will have a better option. I can’t do this again. Respect the many that have done it in the past but, not this one. No sirreee… ♥

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