Thank You For Subscribing & T-Shirts Are Ready

Thank you for subscribing! I appreciate you so much.

It really means the world to have people let you know how much they care. It’s sad that it takes death or terrible illnesses for us to become closer but, that’s how life is. We don’t appreciate the good without the bad.

I did this video on Wednesday, April 12, 2017 as I took you for a walk with me through Mission Trails Park in La Mesa. It was a beautiful day and I was filled with gratitude for all of you who reached out in various ways to lift this girl’s spirits.

Then later that day, I had to have an MRI… I will have to do another video about THAT experience. It was rougher than I thought it would be because I got sick 🙁 That saline hit me and it went all bad from there. I had to go back on Thursday and complete it.

As time gets closer to chemo, my mind is filled with many thoughts of what kind of immediate effect it will have on me as well as long term.

At this time, I am trying to enjoy all of me right now. My hair, skin, nails… All that I know of ‘me’ right now.

Maybe it won’t be too bad… I don’t know but, as you all have told me… Stay prayed up, positive, eat healthy, and FIGHT! I will do those things.

Lastly, please get a T-Shirt or Mug! I started my campaign, “Today is “Tell Someone You Care About Them” Day. I didn’t want a “cancer-y” shirt… All about cancer. I wanted something to be a reminder of what we all need to do. You all have inspired the saying on that shirt. We need to make everyday a day we let our loved ones know that we care. We must not wait until people are gone to do it.

My friend Mama Carol and I were very close. I know that she knew how much I appreciated and adored her. And she did the same for me. I look around my home and see things here and there that she gave to me. She was dear to me. So through text messages and Facebook messaging, we stayed in touch.

It still hurts knowing she’s gone because I was counting on her to help me get through this. But, she did what she was needed for in this life and has now permanently retired and traveling the great beyond. R.I.P. Mama Carol.











So anyway… I hope you’ll support me with the purchase of a product from my campaign. So many of us have given to cancer issues over the years. Now this cancer patient needs your help.

OK, I’m gonna end here. I’ll get back to you guys soon though. On Monday, April 17, I go in to have my port implanted. If I’m up to it later, I’ll share how that went.







Have a blessed weekend and know that I care about you! I appreciate you.

Thank you!


PS… I hope you enjoy the song Push by Positive Flow I’ve attached. I was listening to it on my walk. It is my motto 🙂



4 thoughts on “Thank You For Subscribing & T-Shirts Are Ready

    1. You’re welcome and thank YOU Ms. Delores! I appreciate your love, hugs, and prayers. I send it all the same to you and all you love.

  1. Yes, keep up the fight Ms. Tracy! I’m here for you with positive energy flowing every moment of the day toward your big heart! As Delores said, WE LOVE YOU!

    1. I will Sis Charlene! I am grateful to you… All of you. You’ve always been a positive connection and I’m glad we are connected. Thank you ♥

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