Radiation and Other Updates


I’m still alive! I’ve been super busy and trying to take care of myself the best I can but, I’m here.

So much has happened over the past few months but, I’m just gonna touch on the highlights.

I was a model for the Black Girls Rock event here in San Diego, that featured breast cancer survivors. The awesome Wendy Shurelds invited me to take part of the event and I had fun.

You guys may remember me speaking of Wendy and Dr. Suzanne Afflalo… I was a guest on their KBLK radio show being interviewed. Great ladies making sure our women are protected her in San Diego.

I’ve started radiation therapy and it’s going well so far. I have to go everyday to UC San Diego in Chula Vista for my treatments. Fortunately I only have a total of 20 and I’m at 11 or so now. This part is almost done.

Maybe in another blog post, I’ll show you guys photos of how my skin is looking since going through this process. But, right now, my breast and underarm areas are turning darker. I’ve not burned yet. I have seen some ladies that are having a really tough time with it though.

I don’t think I have talked to you guys since having my surgery but, it’s doing well too.

A super sweet lady named, Amanda O’Callaghan, came by and hooked me up with some Jamberry Nail Wraps! We had fun and it made my nails look really cool! This video shows us and her cute little girl, Amelia 🙂 Jamberry nail wraps seem to be a great company to do business with because it’s quality product that truly saves time, energy, and money.

I still need the wraps cause two of my finger nails are being a bit “rouge” lol

Well you all have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving!

Thanks for checking me out and following me! Ms. Tracy Allen


2 thoughts on “Radiation and Other Updates

  1. Beautiful video, Tracy! Thanks so much for the update! It is wonderful that you are almost finished with the radiation treatments!
    Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!

    1. Thank you Ms. Delores! I am so happy it’s not as hard on me as the chemo was! Hopefully I can end it without any big problems. Thanksgiving was great… I cooked and ENJOYED EATING again! 🙂 Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season so far and know that I appreciate you so very much! ♥

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