Post Surgery Superwoman Spa Party

So I got my party on, post lumpectomy surgery at the Superwoman Spa Party, here in San Diego, a production of my friend Makena Hayes-Gargonnu. It’s a really cool event that allows us ladies to bond, relax, learn, eat, inspire, and love on one another. Makena puts on a Superwoman Spa Party, usually once a month and so this past month, she honored us breast cancer patients… Cancer in general.

I had my surgery on September 15, 2017. My surgeon was very pleased. She DOES NOT SEE ANY MORE CANCER! A very successful journey so far! I still have to go through radiation but, this battle is almost over. I am A SURVIVOR!

So when Makena told me what she was planning for September, I didn’t know how I’d feel by September 22, which is when the event was. Ultimately, I was feeling well enough! I was still a bit sore and swollen but, well enough to go out and enjoy my sister friends!

It’s ALWAYS an uplift to my spirit when I get a chance to be around positive women, of ALL backgrounds, that want to encourage each other.

As I shared in my video, I had a chance to speak but, didn’t get anyone to film “me” but, this video captures just a few soundbites of the other ladies… Makena Gargonnu, event host/producer. Dr. Kelly Elmore, guest speaker teaching us some things we need to know about breast cancer. Boneshia Perri, having gone through losing her mom to cancer and surviving ovarian cancer, shared her story. And Lynnzi Budd demonstrated some healthy recipes and made enough for everyone to try out the meal she made using Salad Masters Cookware.

My next video, I will have one of the ladies that was a vendor at the event, Amanda O’Callaghan of Jamberry, she will come by and make my ugly chemo nails look pretty with the cool nail wraps she has. I want you guys to see this 🙂

Enjoy my Song of the Day…. “All About Me” by Syd Tha Kyd. She’s with a group called “The Internet” I LOVE their sound. Tell me what you think of this cut ♥

I also love what she’s singing in the song when she says:
Take care of the family you came with.
We made it this far and it’s amazing.
People drowning all around me.
So I keep my squad around me.
Keep it in the family you came with…

If you’re wondering “why” or “what does that mean to me”, ask and I’ll tell ya. But thank you for being part of my virtual squad 🙂

I’m gonna end here but, I pray you are all doing well. Sending my love and prayers to anyone affected by any of the natural disasters/man made disasters. Keep loving on one another y’all. If you’re reading this blog post, you MUST ALREADY be a loving person. Please don’t stop.

OK… Before I get all mushy after I said I was done… LOL!

Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Post Surgery Superwoman Spa Party

  1. Tracy you are courageous…You had cancer,
    But it it did not have you!
    You fought and shared your experience with the masses. You are an inspiration to to many. I amazed at your strength and resilience, May God continue to bless you
    Your Sistah friend !

    1. Janice, I want to thank YOU for your love and support throughout this process. It has been trying but, He made it possible to let His angels provide me some comfort. Your prayers, time, donations… You’ve been there for me and I appreciate you. Thank you ♥

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