One Week Away From Chemo

I love the beautiful flowers that were given to me as my neighbor found out about me having breast cancer. I appreciate the love.

This is my second vlog entry upon being dianosed. I am one week away from chemo. I’m nervous about what’s to come but, I’m going to fight.

Unfortunately, I lost one of my dearest friends unexpectedly and suddenly. She had been sick with some sort of virus, so we all had thought but, apparently, it was more serious than she or any of us knew.

R.I.P. to my dear friend Mama Carol Young. She was the most traveling woman I knew. She lived this life for sure. As a matter of fact, her motto was, “Always Live Life Well”.

In this video, you see me with straight hair. I haven’t had straight hair in years because chemicals and heat always seem to break my hair off. But, since the chemo is going to make me bald anyway, I figured I may as well do what I want with it. Right? So, I flat ironed it.

This video is to show how I look one week before chemo starts. I will get the port implanted into my collar bone to make it easier to do what needs to be done for the chemo treatments and stuff.

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Make sure you have support if you have to deal with cancer. It’s no fun but, having good people that truly care about you makes a huge difference in knowing how to cope with breast cancer or any terminal illness. It will help you to keep your strength… Mentally and physically.

Thank you for stopping by. Please continue to come by and say “Hello”.

Ms. Tracy Allen

14 thoughts on “One Week Away From Chemo

    1. I appreciate that Verris! No matter where I live, The Burgh will always be home in my heart ♥

  1. Tracy you are such a inspiration as you have always been. I’m proud to call you friend and you are making a difference in the lives of many already with your courage to share your journey. I’m looking forward to the Tshirt.
    Love you lady.

    1. Hey Tracy, thank you! Glad to have you as a friend too. We “Tracy’s” have to stick together 🙂

  2. Oh my love. Words cannot express the admiration I have for you. We connected the first day we met 10 years ago, and I instantly knew you were a powerful woman who brought joy and LIFE TO THE WORLD. My sweet Tracy, I worked at the UCSD cancer center for 4 years and I never ever saw anyone so gracefully and honestly take on this challenge. I imagine you are given this challenge to be the beacon of hope and love for others. To be the lesson of a full life despite the circumstances. You are a radiating light of love. You are the hope that everyone needs regardless of what they are going through. You are an inspiration. And I know without a doubt I am 100% certain you will come out on top. I know this because I worked the field and I know you caught it early, have the best attitude I have ever witnessed. The creator is holding you tight and helping you teach the world that anything is possible. Anything.
    My love, your energy radiates and your love explodes from the page. I am so incredibly proud of you! I pray for you twice a day, and think of you so often. I visualize you surrounded by cheering crowds as you humbly stand and take it all in.
    Don’t you doubt for one second! You are going to come out of his better than when you came in. You will be whole and complete. Full of a new more powerful Tracy. You will have more business ideas and product ideas that will come to you.
    Please count on us to lift you up and Praise the Good Lord that we are in your life! Forever! Sister sweetly you will grow to be relaxing (for a minute) because you can’t stay still. You will be in your rocking chair with your favorite smoothie. And you will have a feeling of peace and radiance! Don’t stop! Do it! Don’t allow yourself to think. Just carry forward and do everything you can to not think. That is our creators job! I love you more than I can express! Mama Carol is smiling down and keeping a close eye on you. She will make sure you have the best doctors the best medicine and before you know it, you’ll be making T-Shirts that say: I did it, I beat it. Ain’t no stopping me for anything!
    God Bless sweet one. I watched your two blogs and I can’t wait to watch more. Oh what a professional you are! Gifted and you’ve worked so hard!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😂🌸

    1. Irene, you Beautiful Spirit… Thank you for your heartfelt words of love, confidence, encouragement, and support. You’ve just been a jewel since we first met and I am praying that you will soon find the comfort and strength YOU need to deal with all of your woes as well. I know you have it in you! So all that you tell me… Make sure YOU DO NOT STOP TRYING! You are truly beautiful, loving, smart, fun, and an amazing woman. You need to see that in yourself and believe it. I’m going to work on getting better and when I do, we need to have lunch or something. Love you always Irene <3

  3. Tracy you are a dynamic speaker, a great person, an inspiration to others, and so bubbly through it all and what’s to come. I’m so glad that we connected. Call/text if you need me. I will keep in touch and I am looking forward to your t-shirt. HUGS.

    1. Thank you De. Thank you for making it over to my site and subscribing. I knew you could do it 🙂 I will maintain my smiles and bubbly attitude the best I can.

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