It’s Time For Surgery!

Hey y’all!

Surgery is now TODAY!

I’m sorry for having been away for a while. I’ve just been a bit distracted… No more chemo! Thank Heaven! But, just lots on my mind and plate.

It’s going on 1am and I’m still up trying to get this done… Playing “catch-up”. But, I want to give you guys my breast cancer update before I go into surgery.

And about the thumbnail photo on the video of my arm… OMG! I had some real problems getting my MRI done! They just couldn’t get the IV done properly. It took me 2 trips and 6 sticks to get it done right. My arm swelled really bad. And this was NOT done at the VA Hospital. SMH…

Also, for a while, my blog site was down due to Hurricane Harvey. I didn’t even know it until someone said they couldn’t get into my site!

So many prayers are needed for so many people dealing with devastating floods, fires, earthquakes… You would think we wouldn’t want to fight with each other at all with nature showing us a thing or two.

Anywho… I am sending my thoughts and prayers out into the universe… Peace, Love, and Strength, to anyone who is having difficulties enduring the hardships we must face in this life. [“Zen” moment]

I was interviewed by Ms. Wendy Shurelds and Dr. Suzanne Afflalo of “Shades of Pink and Black Health” on You can click [HERE] to hear that interview. We talked about my cancer but, also about things to know about type 2 diabetes.

Today’s video was created on Saturday, September 9th.  So by the time you read this and or watch the video, I’ve probably been put under anesthesia for surgery or already done! But there was a drone that hovered above… Not too far in the distance and it was loud so I cut that part out. Just as I was finishing, the drone was back.

I will catch up with you guys after my surgery though. I’m gonna stop here so I can get myself together for surgery.

There’s SO much to tell you guys but… Next time 😉

Tell me what you think of my music selection… Lianne La Havas – “Tease Me”

HuGzzz n Love!

4 thoughts on “It’s Time For Surgery!

    1. Thank you Ms. Delores! I am certain I am on the path to a full recovery. He ain’t done with me yet! 🙂 Blessings to you and your family as well ♥

  1. Super glad you’re through with chemo and surgery is done at this point, hooray!!!! Oh and the way your hair is coming back tickles me because it looks just like our chubbly wubbly Jack’s hair right now, no kidding! Love you lady and keep on keeping up the good fight! Oh and also remember easy does it, rest when you get tired 😉

    1. LOLOLOL!!! Yes… I have “baby hair” Lol! 🙂 But yeah… I’m glad those treatments are behind me and we just move right along. Thank you Charlene! Love you too!

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