Fighting Depression During Chemo

Although everyone thinks I’ve got it together and I’m breezing through my chemo, at times, I’m not. Right now, I’m fighting depression during chemo. It’s important to recognize when you feel like you’re slipping away… Even a little bit (in my opinion) and to Get Help. 

I’ve been trying really hard to keep my spirits up, as everyone always says you have to. I do things to try to make myself feel better… Keeping up my appearance, finding things to smile and laugh about, just being as strong and positive as I can. Doing my best not to worry about anything.

The truth is, I do worry sometimes. And I believe 100% that I’m going to get through this but it’s still taking a toll on me. Understanding that the chemo has gotten rid of most of the cancer already is amazing but having to endure the rest of his chemo is a nightmare.

You have to stay in tune with your body. You have to know when you’re just not feeling right. I’m always asked by the medical staff if I feel like I’m going to harm myself or anyone else. Of course the answer is always, “No”. But there are times I feel worthless, disconnected, loss, and/or disconnected.

There are times that it’s difficult for me to imagine the day that comes that I can enjoy my food again. It really sucks to wake up and be hungry throughout the day and can’t stand the idea of eating or drinking anything that you have.

So when you get to a point that you are struggling to keep yourself up, it’s time to seek help. It’s not gonna hurt. Whether you’re fighting depression during chemo or any other reason you may be dealing with it, make sure you don’t try to do it alone.

Thank you to all of you that continue to walk with me during these times. You really are what keeps me going… The Creator has sent you all my way. I think HIM for YOU.


While you pray for me, PLEASE keep my cousin Lisa in prayer too. She’s been battling Leukemia for a long time and she’s in the hospital fighting a number of things right now back in my home town of Pittsburgh, PA.

We took this photo in 2015 at the repast of one of cousins that passed away far too soon.

Out of sight is NOT out of mind. I may not see my family members much but, I love them all and so I am hoping my cousin will be OK soon. Thank you all.





OK my friends and family, I’m listing some links below that I spoke about in the video that may help you with your journey as a cancer patient or entrepreneur.


Join this Facebook Event about a way to fund your business using crowd funding with My Community Fund. If you decide you’d like to be a part of this community, use my ID Link:






I know it’s crazy but, I forgot about SUSAN G. KOMAN. You can get so bogged down with the idea of having cancer that you forget about obvious resources. Don’t forget to see what you may need via this organization. I’ve donated to it many times in my life NEVER thinking I’d need it.

This organization, MAMA’S KITCHEN, is only here in San Diego, I believe but, they will bring you meals that you just have to heat. I haven’t started with them yet but, it may come in handy soon. It’s a free service for cancer and AIDS patients.

12 thoughts on “Fighting Depression During Chemo

  1. Thanks for sharing and talking about My Community Fund. We hope to help many women who have been effected by illnesses. We pray for all the women to have closure for their lost and a speedy recovery!

    1. You’re welcome Lee. Thank you for subscribing too. And I absolutely agree… Praying we all get through this stuff.

  2. Tracy that was transparent and heartfelt.
    I never new certain side effects associated with Chemo
    You look amazing. Love your new look..
    I too am in a depressed mode lately as I try to reinvent myself after my Mother made her transition. It’s not easy some days
    You inspire me
    Love, Janice.

    1. Hey Janice! Thank you. I am so sorry your mom is no longer here for you physically. You feel her spirit with you, I’m sure. Like I said, if you need to speak to a grief counselor or someone, don’t be ashamed. Do it. Love you.

  3. You’re halfway there with chemotherapy. Hang in there Tracy, like you said God’s knows what he has in store for your destiny. You are already a testimony for someone else, remember that!! Be well, know I’ve got your six always.

  4. Identifying the problem is half the solution! You are so close to the end of the chemo! You have this, & our prayers continue to surround you! “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” Love you Tracy

  5. Wishing you peace within Tracy. Oh and just out of curiosity, who plays that guitar I see in the background?

  6. Tracy Allen, Your thoughts are your greatest asset, Your Strong, Courageous, thinking those things that be not, as if they were, With God all things are possible, who can cause your own thoughts to bring forth words, that go out to meet with His thoughts that’s been there the whole time, then through faith the words are sent forth with power to bring to the fullness what it purposed to do. Enjoy your time left here on Earth because you’re not going anywhere at least no time soon, for God has not finished with the work that he has for you. While helping you in helping others. Greater is HE that is in YOU, then he, that is NOT. Enjoy your Thoughts, that Enjoy your Words that Enjoy who you are, that Enjoys whose you are. To God be the Glory in all things. Amen.

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