Dealing With Your Finances During Cancer

Today I’m talking about dealing with your finances during cancer because it can get a bit overwhelming when you don’t have the money but, you’ve got the bills.

This post is going to be pretty short because my hands are giving me a really hard time as neuropathy has taken over my hands and feet due to my chemo treatments. Typing right now is difficult but, I’ve been lagging on my blog post and don’t want you guys thinking I’ve given up.

But, I want you guys to know that if you are struggling to take care of your bills and you’re going through breast cancer, any illness, or even just struggling, it’s always best to communicate with your creditors/debtors. Surely you already know this but sometimes while we’re going through, it can help to have someone remind us the importance of contacting people we owe and asking for patience and understanding. Acknowledging that we owe and will pay when we can, goes a long way.

I open up in my video talking about how I should have done better with my financial life and hate that I’m in the situation I am at this time… Struggling as I am in my 50s. It’s terrible. However, Our Creator isn’t done with me yet! He could turn EVERYTHING around before we know it and heck… I might be able to send all of YOU $1,000s one day! Ya neva know…

For now though… I need all the financial support I can get. So many programs out there that can help, make you jump many hoops and it can take a while before benefits are paid, you have to wait. So, the donations are still needed.

I’m going to close here. I’m in too much pain to continue writing but, I will chat with you all sometime after my next chemo treatment that’s coming up on Tuesday, July 18, 2017.

I left a “feel good” song at the end of the video called Finally Moving by Pretty Lights. My friend Charlene Faulkner shared it with me one day and I love how it feels.

Thank you for your friendship, love, and support!

9 thoughts on “Dealing With Your Finances During Cancer

  1. Very good advice Tracy about reaching out to debtors to let them know your situation and intent to pay. It truly can make a lot of difference if only to let some of the weight off your shoulders, I’ve been there. You just gotta keep on keepin’ on fighting the good fight with as much fortitude as you can muster. Happy almost birthday!

    1. Thank you Charlene! It’s difficult to admit where I am with my finances but, if something I share can help someone else, it’s worth it to be transparent. May even have to let go of my car but, I’m starting to be OK with that idea too. Anywho… HuGzzz 🙂

  2. So great to hear from you, & so happy that #5 treatment will be over with soon! Happy Early Birthday, and know that you are receiving continuous prayers!

    1. Thank you so much! I really did have a good birthday too. So glad I won’t be dealing with it during the holidays! Woot Woot! 🙂 ♥

  3. That Blog was so nicely done even in your pains, I will continue to do what I can to support you my dear friend, I know this too shall pass! And one thing is for sure Jehovah God see your struggles, and he will always make a way, just keep asking and you shall receive! May you stay bless and hope you will have a wonderful day Saturday,

    1. Thank you BJ! You have definitely been supportive. I truly appreciate you keeping your word and being in my corner. One more of these God awful chemo treatments and then I’m done with that! Surgery will be on September 15th. He’s gonna bring me through it all. I really enjoyed my BDay. I pray you have an abundance of expected blessings! Love you!

    2. Hey BJ! I don’t see where I replied to this comment so if I did reply, blame it on “chemo brain”! 🙂 Thank you! I’m almost all done with all of this cancer stuff. I truly do appreciate your support through this journey though. Still battling uphill but, at some point, I’m believing He will allow it to get a bit easier. So again, thank you! ♥

  4. Thanks Tracey. I purchased a Cancer policy to add to my benefit package in case get Cancer. Its a rider to your regular insurance. I chose to give up Starbucks and make my Java at home. I purchased a pretty cup from Costco and pay my $43/mo for my rider policy. If you or someone would like that information I will share. The benefits include one check to me annually to do what I should, papsmear, mamogram and other benefits. Praying for your recovery

    1. I’m glad you got cancer coverage Ms. Veronica. It’s a trip… You go along life knowing about all sorts of things that can ruin your life and yet, in my case, not believing it will be “me”. This journey would have been a bit easier to deal with had I been better prepared. Glad to almost be done with the “C” word though. Thank you for following and encouraging me! ♥

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