Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy Results

Today I want to share with you my breast cancer radiation therapy results as well as other after effects of going through breast cancer treatments BUT… Get ready cause I have some BOLD photos! I can’t get any more transparent than this.

In this video, I speak of getting this video done before I had to leave town/the country and go to Guam for my beautiful daughter’s wedding but, I didn’t get the chance to edit and post the video while I was still in San Diego. I’ve got it done now and I pray it helps some people.

I made it through chemo, surgery, and now radiation. I forgot to mention how using “Shea-butter” really helped me get through this without my skin burning, peeling, and itching. I had 20 rounds of radiation treatments and I didn’t experience too much pain.

However, I also wanted to point out some of the lasting after effects that I’m having as a result of chemo, surgery, and radiation. Like, my bones and joints hurt. I sometimes feel like my shoulder is just going to come out of the socket when I move certain ways. I still have “chemo brain”, where my memory and thoughts get a bit foggy. Still seeing my psychologist for the anxiety/stress/depression and will start therapy for cognitive dysfunction [VIDEO] in January. And of course the neuropathy is still bothering my hands and feet.

In the video clip I just shared, the doctor talked about how it’s important to be patient with yourself but, I’ve recently learned that other people in your life may feel you should be 100% and their patience can run thin. That becomes frustrating too. But, if you are going through cancer treatments, you’re going to have to really focus on yourself… No matter what.

Even in this video, my thoughts don’t stay consistent. I spoke about maintaining my appearance but, I really wanted to point out the fact that once you’ve finished a treatment, it doesn’t just “go away”. It’s not like taking an aspirin or something. These treatments last in your system for months!

It’s a scary thing to be going through treatments and some people don’t make it. My best friend since 4th grade… Her mother passed away last month. And far too many people wind up having cancer to return. I mean, HECK… I got a hysterectomy in 2014 because of fibroids so that I wouldn’t get any types of cancers only to be diagnosed this year with actual cancer.

Time is short… Do your very best to live and enjoy to the best of your ability!

I’m going to end here so that I can go and hang with the family… I now have a brand new son-in-law! 🙂

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Henry & Taja Finklea!

Here are some photos from Guam!


2 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy Results

  1. You are beautiful Tracy – cancer did not take your beauty – that’s a great thing. It’s hard to understand why we are chosen to fight these battles….You ask yourself, why me, but then you ask yourself, why not me? It’s crazy. I am so happy you are here to tell us the truth about what you are going through and what the possibilities are……..Life is rough and we have to play to win! Congratulations to your daughter….God be near –

    1. Thank you for that Yvette! I really didn’t even find myself asking “why me?” It really was more like, “So this is what I’ve got to do? Lol… OK.” I’m so blessed to be able to see the glory in the midst of this nightmare. So again, thank you for following and encouraging me along the way. You guys really have no idea of how much it helps to have this type of support. Thank you for the congratulations to my daughter too 🙂 Blessings to you and the happiest of season’s greetings! ♥

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