Bald And Beautiful News

Hello my friends!

I couldn’t get myself together to give any updates until the other day. I was just too fatigued but, I’m back and feeling better now. So we’re talking about being bald and beautiful news that I have.

I know this video is longer than normal but, I have a lot packed in this one.

As for the hair… I was tired of it fighting to stay on my head and knowing it was going to lose that battle so I had to cut it off. Plus when my daughter said I looked like the people of Whoville from Dr. Seuss’s books while I was combing my hair one day, I was done! Lol! I’m OK with being bald for now.

I was just so exhausted this last chemo treatment round. No matter how much I prepared myself for how I might feel… I just didn’t know until I was in it. It seemed to last a long time.

The diarrhea has been brutal. I finally got to the point of not taking my diabetes medication because it was just too much. Running to the bathroom day and night and having my butt just feeling like it’s on fire… I needed a break. So my physician is changing my medication and once it comes, I’ll try that but, for now… Just NO.

Please keep this in mind for babies… This has to be absolute torture for them. They can’t communicate the amount of pain they are feeling because the poison that is in the chemo is now making contact with the skin and it adds to the pain.

For me, I get periods where my nose, face, and chest start this crazy tingling sensation. It is extremely uncomfortable! It doesn’t happen too often but, I never know when it will occur. When it does, it’s so scary because it feels really weird and it takes my breath away. There’s no relief. But fortunately it only last’s for about 5 minutes or so.

I also have smokers lips. The chemo causes my lips to feel dry and hard, my tongue to feel scorched, my throat to feel like it’s on fire at times, and so it’s like being a smoker. I’ve never smoked anything a day in my life and yet now, I have smokers lips… Darkened from the effects of chemo.

Now with all of that being said, I am happy to announce… THE CANCER IS SHRINKING! After my first treatment, the cancer is shrinking and continually doing so. Hallelujah!!

How I wish the doctors would say that I could end the chemo but, that’s not happening. I will still go through 4 more rounds of chemo. I will have radiation therapy five days a week for six weeks. Then I will have to have surgery to remove any remaining cells they see. Then possible reconstructive surgery.

This journey is a long one but, I’m encouraged and grateful to believe my God is going to let me survive.

I’m starting to do some light workouts. I want to make sure my body is better than before once this is all over. I found a video about working your abs from in bed. Check it out… [VIDEO]

My friend Tiffany donated some scarves to me as well as a couple of swag bags/backpacks. So I am asking a trivia question, since it’s Memorial Day Weekend… Where was boot camp for US Navy women prior to the 90’s? If you know, then email me: First person to get it right wins a bag!ย 

Well that’s all I have for now. I want to thank you for being a subscriber. My posts go out to people on my subscribers list first. Then I sometimes open the videos up for the public.

Thank you for your prayers and financial donations. I would have probably been evicted and lost my car if it weren’t for those of you that have donated to me.


16 thoughts on “Bald And Beautiful News

  1. So happy for you Tracy! It is exciting to see you embrace this disease, & fight it with all you have! Continued thoughts & prayers!

    1. HI Tracy,
      Its been 4 years since the last chemo treatment for me I see you have a badge of love over your heart. That’s what I call it cause its always there to remind me of the love God has for me. he loves you just as much to have given you the strength to show your natural beauty. Keep encouraging and reminding us that we are just as strong still.

      1. Hi Wendy! I always hate hearing that others had to deal with this stuff but, always encouraged too. It means a lot to know others that have survived the chemo and cancer. I’ve learned, since having this disease, that some survive the cancer but, the chemo can kill. So when the chemo works and the cancer has been removed, that’s a double bonus to me. Thank you for sharing with me. I’m gonna keep on fighting. Look out for my next video tomorrow. HuGzzz โ™ฅ

  2. Stay in the fight, and Hold the line Tracy!!! You’ve already won because God’s got you covered. Again don’t hesitate to ask me for assistance. BTW, Nice new look Tracy.

    1. Thank you so much Tony. He has sent His angels to surround me and I am truly grateful. Thank you for being here for me ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You got it Stacey! Great job! Thanks for sending me your address. I’ll get your bag out to you on Tuesday ๐Ÿ™‚ โ™ฅ

    1. Thank you Yvette! Being bald is not a desired look but, I’m embracing the entire journey since I’ve got to be on this road. Thank you for your prayers. This time next year, I expect to be all better! โ™ฅ

  3. So happy for you and that you are feeling better don’t know you but I am so touch I Live In New Orleans, God Bless you and stay well๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฟ

    1. Thank you! This is how I know I am blessed… People that don’t even know me, care enough to wish me well. It only goes to prove that we are connected by spirit. Blessings to you as well โ™ฅ

    1. Yes it was Terrie! I have a winner already BUT, I also have an extra bag and because you are the second person to answer, if you’d like a bag, you can pick it up. Send me an email though…

    1. Hey there neighbor! Thanks! It’s shrinking but, as long as I have to go through chemo, most days I really don’t feel good. I’m hanging in there though. HuGzzz ๐Ÿ™‚

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